UAS Drone Corp. | Services
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Customer satisfaction is the top priority of UAS Drone Corp.  To facilitate your needs we have a reliable trained team to quickly solve any concerns that may surface.

  • Equipment Usage
  • Calibration and Settings
  • Mission Planning
  • Power Management concerns
  • Safety Concerns

UAS Drone Corp. provides an all-inclusive training event tailored to your application.  Locations are limited to the Continental United States and must have at least two customers in one agreed upon location for training outside our headquarters.

  • Hands-on: Briefing the mission and applying the fundamentals to complete a flight evolution and required post flight tasks.
  • Tailored Task: Our team will listen and understand your specific desired application and provide an in depth mission planning recommendation to achieve your goals.



Periodic Inspections, maintenance services and calibration assistance are all standard with every UAS system.  We stand behind our product and plant the stake of customer satisfaction deep in our core values.  Extended service are offered via contract and can be tailored to your needs.

  • Preventative Maintenance: The UAS has been specifically designed to eliminate structural and hardware failure.  Utilizing years of military experience and an award-winning autopilot system, we have systematically reduced system failure by leashing a fail-safe safety net to reduce the chance of a mishap or platform loss.
  • Schedule Maintenance: Detailed checklist, pre and post flight inspections will be available online and are taught during the training session to identify failure.

All UAS Systems carry a 6 month limited warranty on structural failure, due to normal usage.

Tech Support (8AM-5PM CST)

  • Email Support
  • Repair Services Available
  • Diagnostic: Hardware and Software