UAS Drone Corp. | Applications
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Utilizing GoPro Technology, our UAS system not only provides a theatrical view but enables the user to customize the video with optional lenses.  The sky is your limit!


Law Enforcement

Whether you’re a small law enforcement agency or a large metro PD, determining a course of action in an expeditionary manner will amplify your effectiveness and strengthen capability in a dynamic environment.  Our UAS can provide law enforcement with rapid employment and up to 40 minutes of awareness through a bird’s eye view of real-time situations, to enhance resolve. UAS Deploy is an all in one platform enclosed in a Military Spec case, which is easily transportable. It utilizes Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) capabilities and improved ease of use by utilizing a tablet or cell phone. Applications include: Search and Rescue (SAR); Pre and Post Accident or Crime Scene Investigation; Explosive Ordinance and Bomb Disposal; Narcotics Investigation; and Hazmat Incidents.

Emergency Responders

Ground based fixed cameras and the extended time to attain an ‘eye in the sky’, inhibit our first responders to understand the situation and capability of an offender. Our UAS system places the advantage back into the decision maker’s eyes. Custom lenses and the ability to change the perspective, add tremendous value to enable apprehension and closure to an unfortunate situation. Crime scene and accident investigation aerial images provided by UAS Drone Corp., enhance overall understanding, at a value that is unmeasurable.



UAS Drone Corp. offers the Security sector new capabilities that can reduce cost and operational risk, while improving efficiency. Utilizing Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL), our UAS can be used effectively to monitor ship yards, power plants and valuable storage lots. Security companies require real-time information and imagery about the situation in order to make informed decisions. UAS Drone Corp. provide a means of collecting important information more quickly than a ground-based crew, reducing the time and number of personnel required to assess a breach in security and dispatch personnel to provide containment.