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High-end Commercial Drones for Law Enforcement

UAS Drone Corp. is an FAA 333 exempt designer, developer and manufacturer of custom built unmanned aircraft systems. Utilizing more than 20 years of Military experience, UAS Drone Corp. provides an ergonomic customer-focused

product specifically for Law Enforcement, Security and First Responders. Our UAS systems are industry renowned and respected for their reliability, stability and versatility in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle market. Watch our story below. ↓



UAS Drone Corp.’s UAS system utilizes an award-winning autopilot system, which brings functional maturity and lower costs to the user by saving time via training and enhancing user ergonomics. The design team brings a heavy tool chest with many years of military UAS pilot level

experience, which provides a no nonsense approach to arm the user with all that’s needed. Our lead designer has 17 years of UAS design, construction, testing and evaluation experience, which enables UAS to understand the requirements involved with a successful day of flight planning and operation.



Utilizing an award-winning autopilot system, Tiger Motor reliability and a GPS navigation system, UAS Ready-to-Fly provides all the necessary tools to enable the user to own and safely operate this premium commercial grade unmanned platform.



Equipped with an all-in-one Mil-Spec cased UAS system, UAS Deploy is easily transportable, versatile and enables trained law enforcement, first responders and security professionals to safely operate in a vast array of applications.



Systems come armed with a brushless gimbal mounted GoPro providing the user with maximum flexibility to view, capture and manipulate unprecedented aerial video, and a DX7s Spektrum for information on battery voltage, signal quality, engine or motor temperature, airspeed, altitude and more.

“The base platform is our UAS product line, which is pound for pound the most efficient, stable and cost effective unmanned platform in the market today. Enforcing strength and efficiency in its multiple applications is the primary focus in developing the UAS. Ultimately, ergonomics are improved by way of operating through tablets and/or smartphones, which reduces training time

and enhances operator confidence. Failsafe safety features have been pre-programmed to reduce the possibility of platform loss. The UAS battery voltage monitoring, adjustable geo-fencing restrictions and operator distress will activate a return to launch automatic flight mode, where the platform will maintain current altitude, return home and land by itself.”